We’ve Moved to Area 52 Server!

As of February 28th, 2020 Undaunted has moved from Ner’zhul to Area 52 server (Horde still – of course!)

Uprooting our guild was not a decision we made lightly. We pulled the trigger after watching the sad decline of Ner’zhul since the Legion expansion. Many of our top guilds have since disbanded, deactivated or just left the server for greener pastures. We could not in good conscience continue recruiting members into a dead server and an even deader economy.

Making the move has been a point of discussion for a long time. After polling our current guildies, there was overwhelming support for a transfer. So we have moved to secure the future of our guild into Shadowlands and beyond as Area 52 has over 100,000 active players compared to Ner’zhul’s population of 5,000 (and declining daily) and a very healthy economy for buyers and sellers alike. 

While we know Ner’zhul server has had a lot of nostalgia for our members, we hope that you will follow us to Area 52 and help us put down new roots to distinguish ourselves as a ventless, deaf raiding guild once again.

Remember that for Undaunted, our home is not the server — it is the guild!

If you are a returning member and this news has caught you by surprise, please come to our guild discord and visit our #area52-server-transfer channel for questions. There are many useful posts detailing how to follow us if you are already in the guild on Ner’zhul – the process is very automated. If you would like to get a toon that is not on Ner’zhul in our guild on Area 52, simply do a /who undaunted and whisper someone for an invite or ping @Sergeant on our discord and we’ll get you set up.

The guild on Ner’zhul is not disbanded (and won’t ever be) as we wanted to leave breadcrumbs for members to follow any time in the future. This guild on Ner’zhul, however, is a shell guild with a deactivated bank, no perks, no ranks and it will remain that way.

See you on Area 52 server!

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