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Hello guildies, supporters and visitors!

This is a dream come true for me. For the longest time, since I became part of Undaunted Guild in 2017 – during the Legion expansion of World of Warcraft – I always wanted to see us own a website. I felt like we’d have “made it” if we had a domain to call our own.

Finally, that day is today. I am proud to announce that we have established a consistent branding: Undaunted Guild. We are finally and @UndauntedGuild on all social media platforms:

adich: the mvp

I have tremendous gratitude towards Adich, our officer, who laboriously designed this website — he spent countless volunteer hours tweaking everything until it was just right. I can tell you that he’s admitted he re-designed it 3 times so far! He wrote this website from scratch, coding everything from backend and setting it up to be as user friendly and accessible as possible for the future. 


If that is not testament about how much some of us really love this guild and what our community stands for, I don’t know what else would be sufficient. I am grateful to my loyal and steadfast (pun not intended) officer team of Whitely, Yumene, Saormash for standing by me since Shadowlands. It is because of them that we were able to expand our officer team with amazing additions like Adich and Kataralea.

na/eu merger

Dragonflight also brought many new changes. The biggest that most of you might not have really noticed is our NA/EU merger. Both of our officer teams have officially merged and we work alongside each other in the same house instead of being neighbors. With this merger brought Joy, Splo, Dis, and Gian. Joy has been a constant presence and a great source of stability for our EU chapter on Draenor and it is because of her that the little chapter survived and I can say with confidence it’s grown roots. That chapter is not going anywhere. This merger also oversaw the dissolution of a separate EU category so now our discord server is more collective with only icons to indicate which region we play on.

I feel that lets us lean on each other and become closer despite being so far away geographically. Our discord is our heart and soul – something I find very ironic considering the original purpose of Discord: voice communication! I can say that when I log on after a long day, opening up the Undaunted discord is like coming home and I hope many of you feel that way.

fearlessly steadfast: new era of undaunted raiding

Dragonflight ushered in a new era of Steadfast while reviving Fearless. Steadfast now has two teams: one heroic-focused and one mythic-focused. It has been a long-time goal of mine to see raid teams on all raiding difficulties and this week we’ve achieved that. Mythic is not everyone’s speed, nor is a casual raiding environment for everyone. The Steadfast heroic team aims to strike a balance for those who desire a high performing environment without the time expense that mythic required. Fearless is that underdog high-performing team that we love to root for. They have been dormant for most of Shadowlands and have basically exploded out of the gate with a 1/8M Vault of the Incarnates kill within their first 2 weeks of raiding.

These raid teams are not at all possible without their leadership and dedicated raiders who spend a lot of time outside of raid helping each other with mythic+ keys, optimizing gear, improving performance. A huge hat tip goes to: Diusus, Twistedspawn, Neightlev and Adich (Steadfast leadership) and Dis (Fearless). We would not forget our casual raid teams that exist to provide members with a learning environment, too.

dauntlessly lionhearted: defying the odds

It’s a harsh reality that many deaf and hard of hearing players don’t get the same raiding experience due to being left out of banter in Discord, Teamspeak, Ventrilo, whatever voice app hearing people are using these days and due to the stigma of including a disabled player. We are often seen as a liability or an inconvenience.

Never at Undaunted. Our Lionhearted and Dauntless teams serve a valuable purpose and I thank their leaders – Splo and Yumene, for keeping these teams going every week and for their positivity and encouragement.

be part of undaunted: opportunities

We have many exciting things coming up and as always, I invite our guildies and community members to contact us to find out how you can support Undaunted. There are many ways you can do this – we always are in need of graphic designers, content writers, vloggers, video editors. If that’s not your speed, there are other projects you can be included on that doesn’t require you to stream, or to play World of Warcraft, or to know ASL or English.

We have also opened several avenues to support our hard working team financially such as a donation avenue and of course I haven’t forgotten: the merchandise store which was headed by Saormash! Undaunted merchandise was a highly desired goal of our collective and I’m proud to say it’s finally here too!

This website was donated by Yumene and created by Adich. Our widgets, graphics, videos, et cetera were all created by volunteers. It’s amazing to me how much we can succeed with so little. Last, but not least: I want to thank our social media team – Freddoccino, Carbon, Saccharyn, Sabatiel, and Fenir for all your amazing contributions. I only have to look around and see the things you’ve done.

Take some time and browse the website and merch store. This is only the beginning – we have far great deal to come in the following months.

With a warm and full heart,

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