Fearless vs Steadfast: The Epic Undaunted Raid Race

Fearless and Steadfast, the top two raid teams of the Undaunted guild, recently engaged in an epic international raid race in the Vault of the Incarnates. This rare event was a thrilling experience for both the teams and the viewers.

The Vault of the Incarnates is an ancient Titan vault that players enter in pursuit of Raszageth, who is attempting to free her three siblings from imprisonment. The Primalists have constructed a fortress around the vault, which the adventurers must fight through to reach Raszageth.

The raid race began with both teams keeping it as equal as possible with 14 players each, however Fearless had a slight advantage over Steadfast in terms of gear, with 416 average item level compared to Steadfast’s 414:

Before the race began, Twistedspawn and Holgers interviewed the raid leaders to get some insights into their strategies. Disnew, the raid leader of Fearless, and Rubyfine, the raid leader of Steadfast, shared their thoughts on their team’s strengths, weaknesses, and experiences.

Holgers asked, “What is your team’s biggest strength that you bring to the raid?” Disnew responded, “I think our biggest strength is doing our job without being told on a repeat basis.” Rubyfine chimed in, “I think our biggest strength is (pointing at himself jokingly). On our team, what makes us strong is when we don’t have any inner conflicts with the team. When morale and chemistry are good, we win.”

Twistedspawn asked, “What was your best hilarious moment with the raid or mistakes?” Disnew recalled two moments, “Terros and Sennarth. On our team, our monk flying dragon dashed into the hole at Terros when we were about to pull. As for Sennarth, that boss always pulled us off at a bad moment, leading to our deaths.” Rubyfine shared his own funny moment, “During Normal Primal Council, I noticed something. There was a frog among the bosses! Why was the frog there? Who was the frog? We had no idea how to deal with it!”

The next question was, “Which boss do you think is the easiest of all to kill?” Disnew answered, “The first and last bosses are the easiest for us.” Rubyfine agreed, “I think Raszageth is the easiest fight of all.” Disnew explained, “It took us six weeks to get better and be the best on the first and last bosses. You have to know what’s going to happen in Raszageth’s fight. It’s really scripted and you have to memorize the fight.”

Our greatest strength as a team is the ability to do our jobs individually without constant reminders.

Twistedspawn then asked, “Which boss gave you a hard time that led to a wipefest?” Disnew replied, “Raszageth!” Twistedspawn was surprised, “Really? I thought you said Raszageth was the easiest boss?” Disnew clarified, “The first time we encountered her, we always had someone die to lightning breath. One, then two, then four, five people! It took us 120 pulls to kill her. Half of those pulls were wipes because of the lightning breaths.” Rubyfine added, “I think the second hardest boss was Mythic Terros, which took over 100+ pulls to get it done.”

The next question was, “How do you resolve conflicts or disagreements between two players on your team?” Disnew responded, “The first thing is hush, as in silence. In that case, if it kept happening, I would remove them from the team. Today, no one has been removed from our team. Our main goal is to get things done quickly as a team.” Rubyfine joked, “Double slaps!” but then admitted, “This is an area where I struggle. It’s difficult to say ‘No’ to raiders, but I ask them to please just listen to me and do what I ask. If there are further problems, please hold them off until after the raid and outside. I know this is my weakness. I can’t fix everything.”

The interview concluded and both raid leaders were released to their teams. As the audience waited for the race to begin, the casters discussed about raiding conflicts and challenges.

Twistedspawn asked if Holgers had experienced any conflicts or disruptions in their raiding experiences. “If anyone had a problem with me, I would like to solve it and keep it in a good friendly way. I would have moderated our talk. I find it best to communicate in a calm manner than get angry, as it can lead to miscommunication.” Holgers prompted and Twistedspawn added, “I had players beefing with me. Often I’d rather have them hating on me than on each other. I’ve seen many a time where players turned on each other and it got really ugly. At least with me in the middle, they had a common enemy and a reason to unite.”

it's all about the mindset: when morale and chemistry is good, we win.

Disnew and Rubyfine basking in pure confidence before the race during the interview.
The raid leaders relaxing in pure confidence before the raid began!

Finally, when asked about their strategy for the upcoming raid, Disnew shared that they talked and made sure everyone knew their roles, while Rubyfine shared his top secret plan to tunnel and kill the boss Dathea by ignoring the mechanics entirely.

In conclusion, the raid leaders Disnew and Rubyfine provided insightful and humorous responses during their pre-race interview with Twistedspawn and Holgers. They discussed their team’s strengths, their funniest moments, their hardest bosses, and their strategies for the upcoming raid. Despite the challenges and conflicts they may face, both leaders are determined to lead their teams to victory. And with their skills and experience, it’s sure to be an exciting and thrilling race. The raid leaders agreed that the losing team’s raid leader would be pied in the face by their spouses, adding a lighthearted touch to their interview.

3... 2... 1... pull!

Fearless then took the lead defeating the first boss, Eranog, by ignoring the add wall mechanic to stay with the boss to kill it swiftly within 1 minute and 30 seconds. For Steadfast, there was a hilarious blunder that resulted in a change of direction. Rubyfine intended to dps so that the team could two-heal (much like Fearless did) but somehow his keybinds reset when he zoned into the raid instance and he could not dps Eranog at all. This is a very common bug with WoW and a frequent headache for many of us.

He abandoned his dps spec in frustration and Steadfast plodded on with 3 healers instead of the intended two-heal team. 

After Eranog, both teams went in completely different directions. Fearless went to Terros first, while Steadfast went to the Primal Council. Both teams had different strategies, but both incorporated massive pulls to clear trash quickly and effectively often combining trash with mini-bosses.

As the race progressed, Fearless gained a significant lead over Steadfast by skipping a pack that would have taken two to three minutes to clear. Fearless planned ahead with a team stacking speed boost from AKM Totem with a timer on 10 seconds, drank an invisibility potion by hugging the wall, and saved two minutes of fighting to deal with the boss and the rest of the adds.

At this point, Fearless killed the Primal Council faster than Steadfast did, and they gained a significant lead. Despite this, the race was still close, with only three minutes separating the teams.

The race remained neck and neck until Fearless made a bold move to skip a pack of mobs that would have taken up to two to three minutes to clear. They stacked speed boosts from Akm’s wind rush totem and drank invisibility potions, saving themselves valuable time and gaining a significant lead over Steadfast. Fearless managed to take down the Primal Council faster than Steadfast, further cementing their lead.

a fatality for fearless

Fearless arrived at Broodkeeper Diurna’s lair with a substantial lead over Steadfast, who were still making their way up the stairs. However, Fearless suffered a massive setback when they took a risky move to destroy four eggs instead of the usual two or three. The decision resulted in two player deaths, including a key healer, making it impossible to recover from the ensuing healing crisis. Steadfast, on the other hand, was focused and composed and completed the kill within one pull.

Twistedspawn and Holgers react to the heartbreaking wipe of Fearless on Broodkeeper Diurna.

Dorigo, Twistedspawn, and Holgers cope with the unbelievable results!

the show must go on

The race continued with both teams arriving at the final boss, Raszageth, at only eight seconds apart. Steadfast managed to pull ahead, and both teams went all-in at phase three. However, Fearless made a couple of crucial mistakes, double-dipping with charges, and falling behind Steadfast in the World of Warcraft Logs (WCL) rankings. The final moments of the race were intense, and the teams were flawless and focused. However, Steadfast managed to beat Fearless by a mere three seconds, cementing their position as the top deaf raiding team in the world… until Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible!

The length each team took to kill boss by boss.

Despite the massive setback Fearless suffered at the last moment, the lead they gained over the race culminated in Steadfast beating them by only three seconds. Steadfast played very conservatively, possibly learning from their mistakes in the first race, while Fearless took bold risks that (almost) paid off. Both teams differed in how they chose to approach and clear mobs between bosses, their boss kill order, and how they prepped for each boss. 

The Vault of the Incarnates raid race was a thrilling event that showcased the skill, strategy, and teamwork of two top raiding teams. Fearless and Steadfast both put up an impressive fight, and it was a close race until the end. Steadfast emerged victorious, having learned from their mistakes in the previous race, and Fearless proved that they were still a force to be reckoned with. The Vault of the Incarnates raid race was a rare and exciting event that will be remembered by fans of the game for years to come.

Disnew gets pied by his spouse (a very willing volunteer) as the hosts cheer on! Joy, guildmaster of EU Draenor commented that this was a favorite event overall – everyone is riding on such a high from the event. It really brought Undaunted together and the sportsmanship was outstanding. We want to thank everyone on the events planning team for pulling this off: 

Disnew, Fearless raid leader and main event organizer 
Rubyfine, Steadfast raid leader and assistant event organizer
Freddo, media officer for designing the graphics
Saccharyn, social media officer for promoting the event
Holgers and Twistedspawn for casting and interviewing 
Adich, competitive events officer for organizing our Twitch stream 

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