There are a lot of ways to get involved with Undaunted Guild! We are always looking for talented, motivated, (sometimes) extroverted people to join the foundation of Undaunted. 

Undaunted is always recruiting for creativity. We have a upbeat friendly media team so if you are looking to work with other people whose inspiration and creativity is off the charts, get in touch and sign up! We’re always looking for content creators in various capacities so if your talent is in ASL, ISL, or English, we have need of you. 

Do you enjoy meeting people? Do you like onboarding new members and introducing them into a perfectly-suited niche of Undaunted? We’re always in need of recruiters. 

Is clothing more of your thing? Do you have a vision? Our merchandise store can use designers like you! 

Are you an organizer? A problem solver? We have several raid teams that needs a leader! 

Click on the categories below to see how our leadership gets distributed and the availabilities we may have. 

Positions & vacancies

  • EU Liaison Officer – Disnew
    • EU Officer Team
      • Community Events – Gianbear
      • Social Media – Freddoccino
      • Raid Leader: Fearless – Disfox
      • Raid Leader: Lionhearted – Darksblade
  • Sergeants (Guild invites) – AVAILABLE
  • Recruitment – AVAILABLE
  • Banking – AVAILABLE
  • Translators – AVAILABLE
    • ISL
    • Other written languages
  • Merch & Bank – Saormash
  • Website & Discord bots support – Adich
  • PVE Academy – Rose
  • Steadfast Raid Leader – Ruby
  • Competitive Event – HOLD
    • Steadfast Mythic Raid Council
    • Steadfast AOTC Raid Leader
    • Undaunted MDI
      • Tournament bookkeeper – AVAILABLE
    • Undaunted PVP Tournament Chair – AVAILABLE
  • Community Events – Yumene
    • Dauntless Raid Leader
    • In-Game Event Planners – AVAILABLE
      • Mog Farm Leaders
      • Achievement Run Leaders
      • Other Events – AVAILABLE
      • Fun Runs/Games Leaders
    • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Recruitment – AVAILABLE
  • Sergeants of Guild Invites/Roster
  • Game Mentors – AVAILABLE
  • Profession Crafters
  • Social Media Coordinator – Saormash
  • Content Creators – Saccharyn
    • Twitch Team
    • Writers/Vloggers – AVAILABLE
    • Streamers
    • Graphics – AVAILABLE 

There are many ways to get involved here – we are always looking for creative people!

  • Community Events – Yumene
    • Annual Events
      • Candy Exchange Committee
      • Winter Gift Exchange Committee
      • Undaunted Meet-up Chair
  • Discord Support – Whitely
  • Website – Adich
  • Merchandise – Saormash
    • Designers – AVAILABLE
  • Discord Moderators – AVAILABLE 
  • Affiliated Guild Ambassadors

Join our Discord or open a ticket using the suggestion button to see how you can get involved!

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