Undaunted Goes International! Chapter Guild Established on Draenor-EU

Are you deaf/hard of hearing and play on EU? This post is for you! We are incredibly excited to share our biggest project for Shadowlands: Undaunted chapter on the EU Region!

Join us:
Draenor-EU Guild ContactsDraenor Guildmaster: @Deadjoy#6673 (Discord)
Raid Leaders: @osena#4561 and Alataló#1455 (Discord) Alatalo#2974 (Bnet)
Recruiter: @Zyádziuth#3082 (Discord)
Visit our discord if you want to join our EU Chapter. All positive and mature players welcome.
Please welcome our chapter, Undaunted-Draenor (EU). This has been a project long time in development and our discord server is a flurry of activity as we expand, knock out some metaphorical walls, to make room for our Deaf/hard of hearing EU guildies.
It has always been a sore spot that our home base was unable to cater to the international Deaf and hard of hearing WoW players so this is a long dream coming into reality of bringing deaf and hard of hearing wow players together INTERNATIONALLY. So far, we have recruited about 40 deaf and hard of hearing EU guildies and are looking to build a raiding team.
Wildjoy, our Major for Undaunted-Draenor has selected a team of officers (Lieutenants) to make sure this chapter grows some deep roots. Prospects are very promising and we are looking forward to sharing our successes together.
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