discord rules & channel purposes


Be respectful of all members: no harassment, toxicity, name-calling, or hate speech. 

All discussions must be held in good faith and assume good intentions. 

      • In a community of this size we understand that we may have disagreements or conflicts. Sometimes people cannot resolve disagreements on their own. 
      • Contact an officer for help or alert them to a situation by filing a support ticket or tagging them to the conversation.

Handle disagreements with courtesy. 

    • Avoid trolling and playing “devil’s advocate” to wind up people.
    • Show fellow members respect when they remind you of channel topics or guidelines regardless of who they are. They are likely long-time members who know the lay of the land very well and are trying to help.
    • Here is an article on how to resolve conflict.

Moderators of this discord are officers, moderators, and sergeants. 

    • Show them respect if they ask you to move your topic to another channel; mark your content with a spoiler; or edit your messages to be within our guidelines of acceptable content.
    • Failure to do so may result in: a timeout, or a ban or removal from discord.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of sexist, racist, homophobic, pornographic or any other offensive language or content in all media on Discord. 

    • This goes for discord posts, messages, emotes, stickers, GIFs, photos, videos, discord nametags, and profile pictures or profile messages. 
    • Inappropriate photos and videos will be removed without warning.
    • You may post sensitive content with a spoiler and a clear  content warning if the context calls for it.

Stay within the appropriate topic of all channels and threads. #General or #EU-General is our catch-all. 

    • Intentionally spamming threads or channels with irrelevant and inappropriate content or not cooperating with our leaders/fellow members will result in a time-out of at a minimum 24 hours. 
    • Spoiler content without objections when requested by anyone for potentially triggering topics or sensitive information/graphics. Here is how to spoiler content on Discord.

Do not post content that is illegal or breaks ToS of either Blizzard/Discord:
Blizzard Terms of Services
Discord Terms

topic moderation

Each channel has a range of moderation and how strictly we expect people to adhere to the topic/purpose of that channel:

Relaxed: Anything is fine. Off topic fine. GIFs fine.
Moderate: 75% of conversation is on topic. GIF responses are ok. No GIF chaining or battles (3+ GIFs in a row). If off topic reaches 5+ messages, move to appropriate channel.
Strict: 90% of messages is on topic. Occasional off-topic question or comments ok. Most off-topic comments or images will get removed. No GIF chaining. GIF reactions OK if relevant.
Absolute: 100% must be on topic. No GIFs, no side conversations or irrelevant messages. 

Threads within the channel are expected to be at least Moderate or Strict unless specified otherwise. 


Social Chats

General – Relaxed
EU General – Relaxed
Media – Relaxed
Vlogs – Absolute
Sports – Moderate
Food – Strict
Pets – Strict
Anime-and-manga – Moderate
Other-games – Moderate
Gif-battles – Relaxed

The Sanctum

Dragonflight – Strict
Raiding-General – Strict
Achievements – Strict
Wow-Economy – Strict

Mythic Plus

Na-lfg-and-keys – Absolute
Eu-lfg-and-keys – Absolute
Mplus-discussion – Strict

Gladiator Lounge

Pvp-general – Moderate
Pvp-lfg – Absolute

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