The Era of Tarragrue’s Reign is finally over! Undaunted is 1/10M!

The Era of Tarragrue’s Reign is finally over! The boss of Torghast that always haunted you to death in TG runs is now DEAD as Mythic Tarragrue has been annihilated by Steadfast team of Undaunted! We also defeated Heroic Kel’Thuzad afterward and our progression is now 1/10M and 9/10H!

We’re still working on Heroic Sylvanas as the fight is more difficult than Mythic Tarragrue. We managed to get to 2nd phase regularly so that’s a good progression overall for us today! Hoping to down her next week so that we can finally say something like “the Deaf/HoH guild has cleared Heroic SoD” for this tier!

Mythic Tarragrue
Click here for a full resolution screenshot.

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