Steadfast – Mythic Eranog Was Obliterated by NA Undaunted! 1/8M

The Steadfast team has proven to be the stuff of legends! Taking down not one, but TWO mythic bosses in a single night? That’s what we call a double-mythic-kill-combo!

And the cherry on top? Eight attempts for Mythic Eranog and only six for Mythic Primal Council? Talk about efficient raiding! Now, it’s time for the team to tackle Mythic Terros, with their best attempt so far reaching 45% health. Let’s see if they can break their own record and bring down the mythical rock!”

With that being said, Undaunted is now 2/8M. Congratulations to all Steadfast raiders who participated! :roodh:

Click here for a full resolution screenshot.

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