Planned Events for March 2023


Noblegarden basket Exchange

Come join for our first annual Noblegarden Basket Exchange and gift some goodies to your fellow guildies and friends! If you remember our Halloween swap, this one will be similar, where you will be assigned a fellow member to gift sweets to. This event will be open to both NA and EU this time, so time for our EU family to fill those sweet tooth’s as well!

:BunnyHop: Aren’t sure what to gift? Don’t worry since you’ll get info send to you about your assigned Secret Bunny, including any diet restrictions and allergies.

 Signup Form:

Undaunted: Mythic Dungeon Invitational – The Great Push

Tune in our twitch,

:EU~3: Friday, March 10, 2023 2:00 PM

:US~3: Friday, March 10, 2023 8:15 PM

Time is in EST

Several teams will begin at keystone level 12 and then push as high as they can within 3 hours! It will be fun and exciting. Event coordinated by and

and are bookkeepers and will be running the Undaunted twitch so be sure to say hi to them!


We have THREE mog runs this month: polish off your old Wrath of the Lich King raid sets and take a tour in forgotten zones of the Burning Crusade! Or go pay Jaina Proudmoore a hello in Battle for Azeroth and get that badass skeleton transmog!

weekly raids with our teams

Lionhearted and Dauntless raid nights are open invite to the community – look for us in LFG or Discord. 

Steadfast and Fearless have applications open and recruiting many roles here: 

Follow Undaunted:

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