Patch 5.4 – Flexible Raid Preview

Blizzard has announced a new additional raid mode for Patch 5.4:  Flexible raid.

LFR > Flexible > Normal > Heroic
Here is the quote from WoWhead News
  • A raid’s difficulty will scale based on how many players are in the Flexible Raid. Between 10 and 25 people can be in this raid.
  • This raid format has a separate lockout than LFR, and Normal/Heroic. You can also complete achievements on this difficulty level.
  • Gear rewards will be between LFR and Normal quality. Players can also get some items not available in LFR.
  • There’s no ilvl requirement for Flexible Raids, and raids can include Real ID or friends cross-realm.
  • Players will acquire loot via the Raid Finder’s “per person” loot system.   Please click this to read more information about Flexible raid.
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