Mythic Artificer Xy’mox Has Been Defeated by Undaunted! 6/10M

Mythic Artificer Xy’mox has been defeated by Undaunted and our progression is now 6/10M! Congratulations to the team! It’s arguably one of most fun fights for us! We had so much things to do such as carrying seeds, cleaning traps, setting portals, outrunning ghosts, dropping glyphs far away, and avoiding getting sucked by annihilation. All in the same phase entire fight!

We’re looking forward to Mythic Council of Blood next! According to, only 10.42% of raiding guilds in the world has cleared that boss in Mythic as of this post. It will be a challenge for the Steadfast team!

Mythic Artificer Xy'mox
Click here for a full-resolution screenshot.

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