Love is in the Air – Couples Transmog Contest!

It’s time to dust off those transmogs for our first transmog contests of 2023!

This first one will be a bit special, in celebration for the Love is in the Air event that’s going on right now ingame, you will want to create a transmog that fits the Love is in the Air theme.

:dracthyr_heart~3: Details: Make us feel all warm and fuzzy, make us awww, or make us laugh!

Use colors such as white, pink, and red. You can get creative if you don’t want to use those colors, but it should still fit the theme.

The choice is yours, with a friend of course.

With a friend, you say?! That’s right, this holiday transmog is couples themed! So, go grab a partner and be creative! Toys are allowed, so this gives a lot more creativity that you can do with so many toys out there.  Since this is a couples themed competition, both parties will be able to select their own wrap. Once you select your item Yumene or Saormash will deliver it to you.


Feb 6th: Announcement
Feb 6th-15th: Submissions Taken
Feb 16th-19th: Judging Phase Begins
Feb. 19th Midnight: Results Taken
Feb. 20th: Results Posted and winners contacted

how to enter:

:celebrate: Ready to submit your photo? :potatopaper:

:rainbow_arrowbullet: Click Here:


Of course! The prizes are going to be handled a bit special, you will be presented with a special tab in the guild bank where you can select which gift wrapped present you wish.

:arrowright: 1st Place [Epic Tier] (x2): 40-50k Value

:arrowright: 2nd Place [Rare Tier] (x2): 25-35k Value

:arrowright: 3rd Place [Common Tier] (x2): 10-15k

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