January Recap with Sarialinde

A Month of New beginnings

Undaunted Guild had a busy and productive January with various events and accomplishments. From successful raids to diverse initiatives, the guild continues to expand and achieve new goals. Here is a recap of the highlights from January:

Raid Progress

Undaunted Guild’s raid teams had impressive achievements in January. Fearless (EU) made an impressive comeback with 6/8H and 1/8M in their first two weeks of raiding. Steadfast is currently at 7/8H, Dauntless at 6/8N, and Lionhearted at 8/8N. The guild streams their raids every Friday and Saturday on Undaunted Twitch.

Mog and Achievement Runs

Undaunted Guild held their first mog and achievement runs in January. Breather and Yumene led the first mog run through Legion mythic raids. Sign up for future runs by checking the #calendar. Shiveria led the first achievement run, reminding participants to study the mechanics of the raid as they often become relevant for achievements.

Diversity Initiative

Undaunted Guild is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the gaming community. They have established a women’s thread which has been highly successful and activated a BIPOC thread for socializing and networking in honor of Black History Month. If you identify as BIPOC, contact ambassadors Liseli, Azk, or Neightlev to be added to the thread. A LGTBQ+ thread is also in the works.


Steadfast established a new Heroic team on Wednesdays from 9:30-12:30am to recruit for those looking for a challenge. They have core spots available for a tank and several healers at this time. Mythic spots remain full. Dauntless, Lionhearted, and Fearless all have open and ongoing recruitment, and applications can be found on the Discord server.

Some Fluff

In other news, Undaunted achieved 100 followers on Instagram, and there are new additions to the Social Media team: Saccharyn and Carbon. Freddo coded profession sheets for Area 52 and Draenor which are amazingly useful: 

There’s also exciting news from Fenir: they’re halfway through creating raid logo designs for all four teams. These logos are set to be unveiled in February, so keep an eye out!

Upcoming Events

Finally, there are some exciting events in the works, including a community-wide mog contest with prizes ranging from 10k to 50k value, and a new addition to the guild’s schedule: Dauntless LFR pre-raid event. This is a group queue for LFR, starting at 8 pm EST on Saturdays. All those who qualify for the ilvl set by LFG tool are welcome!

Overall, January was a successful and productive month for Undaunted Guild. They continue to strive for diversity and inclusion within the gaming community while achieving impressive feats in their raids and events. With exciting events planned for February, it is clear that Undaunted Guild is committed to expanding and improving.

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