highly anticipated pride merch is out!

Thank you sao! 

Saormash, our officer in charge of designing the merchandise, consulted with our LGBTQ+ members to come up with this wonderful line of merchandise related to Pride Month. It was a wonderful collab and we’re sincerely thankful to our LGBTQ+ members for their thoughtful comments and contributions! 

Undaunted commitment

Undaunted is a safe space against homophobia and transphobia. A number of our community, officers and guildmasters identify within LGBTQ+ community so this cause is near and dear to us. 

Global deaf research

GDR is a LGBTQ+ founded and run scientific research organization dedicated to gathering deaf data to add to existing quality of life research. Most public health policies fail to consider or include the deaf perspective and experience and GDR fights to include this. They will earmark our donations for LGBTQ+ related research which is sorely needed. 
PS: One of the founders, Dr. Lorne Farovitch, is a previous member of Undaunted (back when it wasn’t Undaunted)! We are very proud of him. 

a permanent addition

The Undaunted PRIDE merchandise isn’t going anywhere! Unlike most shops that release limited edition merchandise, we want to ensure all of our members and supporters have access to our PRIDE merch all year long. We don’t just leave our identities at the door at the end of the month and our shop should reflect that.

These items are a permanent part of our shop! 


We have a sizable bear community within our guild and with their help, we’ve designed a large collection of Bear pride merchandise! 

We have an assortment of Undaunted IDENTITY pins which show off the transgender, nonbinary, genderqueer, genderfluid flags along with the Progress flag. 

Undaunted Pride logo

This colorful logo was designed by Whitely, a proudly gay officer slash Undaunted founder and is definitely a favorite logo to “break out” every year for Pride month.

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