Guild Policy

Last updated: January 16, 2023

Preface: This guild is a space built by and for the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

We are open to all, hearing friends included, spectrums of personality, gender, background, and culture. Undaunted is for raiders, pvpers, m+ runners, mount/xmog collectors, and casual members of all cultures and backgrounds. We have quite the melting pot of a guild and our priority is a safe, welcoming, comfortable space for deaf and hard of hearing gamer adults. Any hearing prospective members must be mindful of the fact that we are a Deaf guild. 
We often have a mature sense of humor and language use. The majority of us use English as a second, third, fourth, even fifth language and therefore it is highly common that we do not have a perfect command of English or are aware of all its connotations. English is a language rife with power, therefore we do monitor any call-outs coming from hearing people with English as a first language towards a deaf person. If you are easily offended or if you are looking for a PG-rated, or to the other extreme: a cutthroat or hostile guild, this is not the guild for you. 

We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, or any other form of bigotry and belittling others, drama, or extreme negativity. If you are looking for a cutthroat or hostile guild, this is not the guild for you. There is one important rule that I will expect all guild members including myself to follow to the letter and this rule will be enforced to the utmost letter.

The Golden Rule: 
Be respectful to everybody.

This is an extremely simple rule to follow because this is an adult guild. It is my officers’ and my expectation that everyone will act their age or better and be treated as such. This rule of respect forbids any abuse, bullying, hazing, put-downs, racism, sexism, harassment, ableism, and other forms of discrimination. It is my highest hope and expectation that with this simple rule, I will not need to draw out the rulebook in crayon for the guild. 

It is possible to have heated discussions, disagreements, objections without devolving to disrespecting and mud-slinging. We are a close-knit guild and conflicts do occur the more familiar and comfortable we are with each other.

Two Strike Consequence System for Guild Members

The Two Strike Consequence System is credited to Stuka, our Battle for Azeroth Guild Master. It is a swift and actionable method for quelling constant sources of drama or for dealing with hostile players. 

Note, the two strike system does not apply for serious offenses. Any directed bigotry, sexual harassment or any ill-intended direct death or harm threats, wishes, or entertaining the idea will result in an immediate removal with no warning from the guild and discord for the foreseeable future.

First Strike: Official and documented warning for the first offense and being demoted to a muted rank for 24 hours may apply depending on the nature and publicity of the offense.

Second Strike: Permanent removal from guild and discord if the exact same offense is repeated (at any time in the future) or another unrelated warning is given within a month from the first warning.

Bans: Bans carry over to the next expansion. Members who were previously banned may choose to appeal their ban if they feel they can make a good case and show growth. Appeals are reviewed by the Guildmaster and officer team on a case-by-case basis.

Link to fill out Ban Appeal Form

One Strike Consequence System for Hearing Socials of Discord 

As a social patron, you are a trusted guest of our community. Deaf and hard of hearing people are famously protective of our spaces and privacy and you as a privileged person should consider it an honor that you are being permitted entry.
Therefore the bar you are held to is significantly higher. As a social you should not be making waves in confrontations, trolling, posting inappropriate content, language policing et cetera. It is your responsibility to be educated on the mannerisms and background of our deaf culture and community. You will be banned without warning for gross misconduct unless you have done enough to establish yourself as a valued social or allied member of the community. 

Few Additional Rules to Follow


The guild is a melting pot as previously stated. We have members from all walks of life and from various countries. This means that language barriers and miscommunication frequently happens. We do not tolerate any mocking towards someone’s grammar mistakes – most of our members are bilingual or trilingual with American Sign Language and English being the most common languages. Not everyone is proficient in English!

Be mindful of this and treat other members with grace especially navigating misunderstandings (e.g., someone may use the wrong term colloquially or come off as brasher than they intend to) as most conflicts can easily be solved if both parties remember language differences and clarify before they jump to conclusions.

Personal Media

Our guild has a family-like atmosphere and due to the nature of ASL and other sign languages being visual, we often upload vlogs and personal photos. We also have a personal gif directory created by and from our own members for use within discord.

 While we understand there is no 100% safety net in posting anything personal online, we will not tolerate members or socials of the community co-opting other people’s faces or photos to be used for other purposes (memes, reface, et cetera) without getting prior consent. Do not negatively comment on things in the background, noises in the video, or facial expressions for example.

Topics We Avoid:

(this is NOT a comprehensive list)

  • No posts or debates on USA bipartisan politics including political media/gifs
  • No debating on politically-charged topics such as religion or abortion
  • Posting updates, debating on, or sharing graphic photos relating to wartime events (eg, Ukraine invasion)

Due to incidents in the past, it has shown that not everybody is capable of having a reasonable and calm discussion on the list of controversial topics above. It would be prudent of us to remember that many of us play WoW as a means of escape or peace and thus we should leave baggage “at the door” when we log on.

Guidelines for Success:

Below are some pointers that Joey (Whitely), our former Legion Guild Master, wrote that will be helpful towards your behavior and for contributing towards a healthy, positive, atmosphere in the guild.


Be supportive: showing ego in raids is fine as long as it is done in the spirit of friendly competition but displays of ego to point out how good of a player you are, would be elitism. If you help out with guild events you’ll be more likely to receive help from other members. However one should understand that no one has any obligation to help anyone beyond their responsibilities or to play with you. We all pay to play this game and we all have different goals regarding what we want to get out of this game. It can help you to not take that personally.

Conflict Resolution

If you have a problem with any other members of the guild, it is expected that both of you try to resolve the issues like the adults you are. If that has failed or you cannot do that, then you could discuss it with the GM or an officer if this issue is within an area of the guild that the officer oversees (e.g., raid team or pvp team or an event that took place). Taking screenshots will definitely help your case. Show whole conversations, not things out of context. Public or private disrespect towards GM, officers, members of the guild or using means to manipulate such as quitting, threats, or slander/libel to make an individual or guild look bad is forbidden and reflects very poorly on you.

Conduct in Public

While in the guild you are representing Undaunted. Your actions affect our reputation and are a big impact on many of our carry runs. Keep the guild image fun yet professional. No spamming or linking uncomfortable content/images without warning in discord or guild chat. This applies to all public in-game channels and any pugged dungeons, raids, negatively trolling/arguing in Trade Chat, etc. If you cause problems on the server, there will be consequences.

Guild Departure

Members who depart the guild are welcome back any time as long as they parted ways in good standing.

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