February Recap with Sarialinde

A Month of Achievements and Community Building

Undaunted Guild had a busy and successful February, filled with various events and achievements. Despite the challenges that the month presented, the guild members showed resilience and dedication, resulting in many positive outcomes.

The Mog Contest Winners

The month started off with a Mog Contest that had a theme of “How to Spend Time with Your Dragon.” The winners of the contest were Soxan and Whitely, who showcased their creativity and ingenuity in creating their dragon-themed outfits. The winning entries can be viewed in this Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/waSemNE. Congratulations to the winners!

Productive Raid Teams

Undaunted Guild’s raid teams had an excellent month, with many achievements to be proud of. Steadfast achieved AOTC and 3/8M, Fearless 2/8M and 7/8H, Dauntless is 7/8N and looking to down Rasz this month, and Lionhearted is 8/8 and 3/8H! These are impressive feats that showcase the skill and teamwork of the guild’s raiders. Great job, teams!

Glory of Uldir Achievement Run

Undaunted Guild also held a Glory of Uldir Achievement Run, which was a great success. Congratulations to those who earned the mount, and a big thank you to Shiveria for organizing the event. The guild looks forward to more achievement runs in the future.

Movie Night and Logo Reveal

Undaunted Guild also had its first movie night, which was organized by Adich and Sarialinde. The guild members watched Bullet Train, and it was a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. The next movie night will be on March 11, featuring the movie M3GAN. Be sure to join in on the fun in Discord!

The guild also revealed its new logos for the raid teams in a unifying design video, which can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Xn4VGjCs6RE. The teams are excited about the new logos and appreciate the efforts to maintain their unique identities while having a cohesive look.

Merchandise Store and Women’s Line Expansion

To celebrate the finalization of the raid team logos, Sao added more merchandise to the Undaunted Guild store. The guild now has stickers, shirts, hoodies, and tumblers featuring the new designs. Check them all out at https://undauntedguild.com/shop/. The women’s line was also expanded, with the women’s channel voting on floral designs to embellish each logo for their fit shirts.

Discord Support Ticket Bot

The guild introduced a Discord support ticket bot that can be accessed through the #support-ticket channel under Information. The bot has multiple buttons to support various needs, from talking with an officer to making suggestions or giving a shout-out to a guildie. The bot aims to minimize the amount of individual DMs the officers receive and improve transparency and accountability for all members.

March Events

Undaunted Guild has exciting events lined up for March, including the Undaunted MDI on March 10, a guild-wide event that requires individual registration with a minimum score of 1.8k io. There is also a Candy Exchange event with a budget of $20, perfect for those who love candy and want to meet others. Sign-ups for the exchange end on March 6, with about six sign-ups so far and hoping for more.

In conclusion, February was a month of achievements and community building for Undaunted Guild. The guild members showcased their dedication and teamwork in various events, and the results speak for themselves. With exciting events lined up for March, the guild looks forward to another successful month ahead.

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