Fearless – EU Undaunted has Killed Mythic Eranog!

Fearless, Undaunted’s EU progression raid team has killed Mythic Eranog, the first boss in Vault of Incarnates! Team Fearless had been on hiatus since Shadowland’s Sanctum of Domination, but have come storming back in Dragonflight with a rebuilt team. After quickly clearing 6/8 Heroic bosses in their first week of raiding, they killed Mythic Eranog on their 14th pull.


Undaunted has existed under various names since Cataclysm on the NA servers, but the EU side first formed at the start of Shadowlands.

EU side’s raid teams got off to fast starts, even beating the NA side’s progression team in a Nathria Raid Race when we started.

However, lack of interest in the game caused their teams to collapse during Sanctum of Domination and they didn’t have enough players to field teams in S3 or S4 of Shadowlands.

Dragonflight has revitalized interest and they finally got everybody organized enough to raid last week. In less than 2 resets, they have gone from having no raid team to getting 6/8H and Mythic Eranog, so congratulations to team Fearless for killing Mythic Eranog.

You can check their team composition here.

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