December Recap with Sarialinde

Dragonflight Release and Successful Recruitment Efforts

The Undaunted guild has had a busy month of December with the release of Dragonflight and successful recruitment efforts. Approximately 40 evokers were welcomed to the guild, and Steadfast cleared N Vault of Incarnates with 3/8H. Lionhearted and Dauntless both began raiding and have cleared a few N. bosses.

Policy Revisions: Discord and Naming Policies

The guild has also made some policy revisions to improve the community’s safety and inclusivity. The Discord has been revised, and screening for visitors and a stronger interview process for newcomers who are not deaf/hoh have been implemented to minimize cultural clashes. The guild also has new naming policies with a goal to make the community a safer zone, despite being majority male, as the guild strives to do better.

Social Media: Success Across the Board

Thanks to the efforts of Ozeanos and Sploarah, Undaunted’s social media presence has been very successful. Followers increased across the board, with the guild hitting 500+ on YouTube and 100+ on Twitch, making Affiliate. The guild aims to hit 100+ on Instagram and eventually apply for partner on Twitch.


Steadfast is bursting at the seams with 30+ recruits and has closed recruitment. Fearless for EU is opening recruitment now, and Dauntless and Lionhearted are always open. The guild is searching for more event coordinators and graphic artists for social media and logos/merchandising and is in desperate need of artists.

winter veil exchange recap & merch store news

On the side of the warm and fuzzy, the guild had a successful Secret Santa with 40 participants, and a 5th-year gift (Undaunted ornament) was given to all. Accolades go to Karatil and Yumene, event coordinators for the gift exchange, and gratitude to Amis for the Undaunted ornament donation. The merchandise store has also been revealed and launched, featuring Steadfast’s Lighthouse concept, Dauntless mascot Octopus, Fearless’s Phoenix, and Lionhearted’s Lion.

The 3D printed Undaunted Guild logo ornament donated by Amis that was sent out to all our 5th year gift exchange participants.

If you missed the Winter Veil gift exchange, you can watch the VOD here on our Twitch.

Upcoming Events and Financial Support

Steadfast begins heroic progression next Tuesday on the 10th, and Mog and achievement runs will return at the end of January, open to the community. The guild’s website launch is also set for this month.

Finally, Undaunted has set up a donation link and made subscriptions available on Twitch. Financial support would be greatly appreciated for the website, discord bots, and to compensate artists. Officers continue unpaid and entirely voluntary, and any support would help the guild continue to thrive.

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