joining undaunted


Prospective randoms need to fill out an application link (here) or complete a brief conversation with our officers or recruiters. We are very welcoming in that you don’t have to be a raider or a “hardcore” player to be part of our guild and community. We also welcome any hearing allies to come play with us! 

      1. This process is skippable if vouched for or referred by an active member of the guild or discord community. 
      2. Vouchers take full responsibility for any negative behavior exhibited by their friend.
      3. If you are a hearing person and it is your first time meeting other deaf/hard of hearing people or being part of a deaf community like ours, it is highly encouraged that you read up on some deaf culture. 

character naming Policy

      1. Guild members’ discord nicknames must match their main’s character name. 
        • Exceptions apply only if the person has taken the effort to establish a “brand” – that means all of their characters have the same prefix or suffix and has established enough community identity to be recognized by that name regardless of the character. 
      2. Names cannot be inappropriate:
        • Vulgar, derogatory, profane, obscene
        • Makes reference to sexual acts, genitalia, bodily functions
        • Expresses contempt to a demographic (sexist, ableist, racist, homophobic, etc)


      1. There is to be one main at all times
        • In Undaunted, “main” is defined by the highest-ranking character you have. All other characters should be left at Alt rank unless made an exception for raid. 
      2. If you have several characters on Member rank or above, please notify a Sergeant or Officer and we can fix it for you. 
        • Due to this process, if you are busy trying out multiple classes, please worry about what you want to set as Member rank later! Just enjoy the game!
      3. If you want to have a different character set at Member rank, make a request to a Sergeant in discord and we will get that fixed for you. Raiders need to see their raid leaders about changing ranks. 
      4. Unmarked alts must have a main’s name in guild note. 
        • Conscious failure to do so or attempts to conceal your identity (even in trolling) will result in removal from the guild 


Our guild has an alt problem! To ensure we stay below the 1,000 character limit set by Blizzard, we regularly have alt-purges.

      1. Inactive alts are purged if they have not been logged into for at least 3 months. 
      2. Alts can always be re-invited in the future. 
      3. Mains (see definition above) never get purged but will be demoted to a privilege-less Inactive rank after 4 months of inactivity. 

Explanation of Ranks

      1. Officer: People who have applied for and been appointed to run certain aspects of the guild. They have powers to invite, remove, demote and moderate chat or mete consequences as they see fit according to our policy.
      2. Sergeant: Helpful folk who are frequently online. They have the power to guild invite and handle member/alt promotions or help you with setting a Discord nickname. 
      3. Steadfast/Fearless Raider: Rank given to those who have applied and are part of the Steadfast or Fearless raid teams. 
      4. Member: Any active character that has been in the guild long enough. Newcomers are promoted to Members after 14 days period from the day they joined the guild.
      5. Newcomer: Any person that is new to the guild or have joined after a long hiatus. 
      6. Inactive: Any characters that have not been logged in for more than 4 months. 

Guild Departure: Members who depart the guild are always welcomed back as long as they parted in good standing. 

undaunted culture: what to know

We expect all members to act in a respectable manner. A lot of us know each other in real life and we should treat our friendships carefully. We pride ourselves on our close atmosphere and this rests on everyone taking accountability when making mistakes or holding their friends/acquaintances accountable when necessary. It is only together that we can achieve a safe space free from trolling, bullying, and other toxic behavior. 

This means: 

      • Avoid topics or commentary that are “locker room talk” (crude, boastful, overly sexual, objectifying a person – famous or not) 
      • Be polite when interacting with other players.
      • Help other guild members when possible by answering questions or interacting with them in guild chat. 
      • If you are hearing, remember that the majority of the guild does not have English as a first language and speak to an Officer about problematic language instead of confronting them yourself. 
        • We prefer to have “deaf call in deaf” than have a hearing person call out a deaf person because of the inherent privileges at play within these conversations.
      • Keep in mind not everyone might be experienced at the game as you. 
      • Attend events that you have committed to to the best of your ability and communicate if unable to show.
      • Take accountability when you are in the wrong and extend as much grace to other people as you would want given to you. 
      • Keep private conversations private.
        •  Do not air disagreements in public channels such as Guild Chat, LFG, Trade, etc for the purpose of gaining alliances or to smear the other person’s character. 
      • No ragequitting. Failed dungeon runs/raids happen, be polite and communicate when it is time for you or for your group to call it quits. 
        • Ragequitting means angrily abandoning a raid/dungeon that has become frustrating for various reasons. It’s bad sportsmanship.
        • Using inflammatory language or dropping group without communication may result in a warning. 
      • No loot whining.
        • Cement agreements beforehand regarding passing loot to PUGs or offspecs.
        • Respect the raid leader’s loot policies when applicable. If not sure, ask!
        • Be courteous when asking for someone else’s loot and respect that the game has its own loot limitations. Respect that people may have different loot priorities and beliefs. 
      • No behavior that directly goes against Blizzard ToS (spamming, trolling, harassment, hate speech, etc). 
        • You are representing Undaunted and should not be getting muted or banned from the game for your behavior. 
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