an overview of undaunted guild


The Undaunted community is managed by Saormash and Disnew while supported by our media team. The discord itself is maintained by Whitely who is responsible for having happy bots and troubleshooting any permissions/bugs within Discord. Our website was created and is currently maintained by Adich.

Saormash oversees a large component of our social media content and a team of various content creators such as an instagram manager, twitch team, streamers, vloggers and writers for Undaunted. Sao handles the pricing and listings of our merchandising as well as any custom requests.

Yumene is our community events officer that oversees several teams that host annual events such as the candy exchange, winter gift exchange and meet-ups. A chairperson is assigned to each specific event and responsible for coordinating and overseeing the success of these events.

Our discord is the heart of our community and it is where most of the action takes place. On Discord you will also find references to other gaming communities that are either deaf friendly or run by deaf/hard of hearing Undaunted guildies. 



Our sister guild, founded in 2020, is a horde only chapter of Undaunted Guild. Comprising two event officers, a raid leader, and a social media coordinator, the small but mighty EU chapter is supported by a casual raid leader (Lionhearted) and an array of sergeants/lieutenants that help coordinate translations, guild invites, and recruitment. 

Disnew oversees the relationship between NA and EU chapters in WoW as well as handles the replacement and promotion of any EU officer.

Disnew is also the Raid Leader for their competitive raid team, Fearless, that clears heroic content every raid tier and mythic progresses as far as they can before the next tier comes out. 

area 52

area 52

Our horde NA homeland that founded in 2011 went through several moves – from Dunemaul to finally, Area 52. This chapter is the seat of Undaunted Guild and offers an expanse of activities for those interested in playing World of Warcraft with us. 

Undaunted – Area 52 is run by Saormash, the Guildmaster and has a large officer team that consists of a bank officer, a guild events officer, competitive events officer. Area 52 is also supported by a team of sergeants that assist with guild invites and new player/new member orientations. 

Our front-running raid team, Steadfast, is headed by a raid council that oversees the two sub-teams: a mythic focused team that raids two nights a week and one heroic team that raids once a week with the intention to provide players with training grounds as they prepare for their eventual mythic raiding experience.

 This amazing Community Spotlight by VitaminP of RaiderIO really encapsulated what it is like being deaf/hard of hearing in a voice-centered game and how we created a sanctuary. 

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