Undaunted is a competitive guild that consists of Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing players. We focus on voiceless raiding, since the majority of our players are deaf or hard of hearing. We use a mixture of sign language vlogs, addons and macros to communicate clearly during raids.

You can apply to any of our teams in either (or both) regions. Our NA guild is on Area-52 (Horde) and the EU guild is on Draenor (Horde).

Our officers and recruiters will help place you in a team that is a good fit for your skill level and schedule.

team visions

Steadfast (NA) and Fearless (EU) are Mythic progression teams and have higher expectations that are outlined in team handbooks. All raiders on these teams are expected to come to each raid properly prepared, which means that they have consumables, basic knowledge of boss mechanics and all the appropriate WeakAuras and addons as required by the raid leaders. All raiders must have adequate knowledge of their class and talents, including knowing which talent builds or specs are appropriate for each boss. The use of Discord for text communication of strategies, scheduling conflicts and other issues is required for all members of these two teams.

Steadfast (NA) and Fearless (EU) also organize Heroic teams focused on achieving "Ahead of the Curve." Requirements for the Heroic team are similar to the Mythic progression team, because the Heroic roster is used to trial new members and operate as practice environment for raiders to move up to the Mythic raid roster.

Dauntless (NA) and Lionhearted (EU) are our learning raid teams aimed at providing casual and new raiders with a chance to learn to raid in a stress free environment. Consumables and prior knowledge of the fights are helpful, but are not required. These teams are led by experienced raiders who will help walk you through the bosses in the current raid, as well as how to use tools, such as WarcraftLogs, to improve as a player.

competitive raiding

Steadfast - NA

Tu/Thu - Optional Wednesday For AOTC
Time: 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST

Progression: 9/9H AOTC Completed
Goal: mythic progression
Requirement: 8/9H & 470 ilvl

Fearless - EU

20:30 - 00:00 CET
Progression: 9/9H AOTC

Casual raiding

Dauntless- NA

9:30 PM - 12:30 AM EST
Progression: 8/9N
Requirement: 390 ilvl for entry.
Open to community - join by signing up on #calendar and picking up Dauntless role in Discord #self-apply-roles.

Lionhearted - EU

21:00 - 00:00 CET
Progression: 9/9N

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