Who we are

Our guild has maintained stability and growth since our humble beginnings in 2011. We are a welcoming and inclusive community with a focus on deaf and hard of hearing players completing end-game competitively. We strive to be a place where you will be only judged on your merits and not on your hearing or speaking ability.

Undaunted Guild is the largest deaf and hard of hearing gaming community in not only World of Warcraft but in the deaf and hard of hearing community as a whole. We are a WoW-focused gaming community with roots that run deep. We are more than a guild – we are a refuge for those who have been excluded from other communities due to their abilities. To many of us, this is the final stop and a forever home. 

Undaunted strives to educate gamers and game designers about accessibility and the experience of gaming while deaf/hard of hearing. We aim to break barriers and shatter ceilings while being the fun loving, rowdy, community we are. Our atmosphere is close and family-like for a good reason: many of us have been here for years, some since the founding of our guild in 2011. We have four raiding teams and a very strong social community so there is something for everyone who comes to Undaunted Guild. 

the deaf experience

We came to be all because a small group of deaf friends commiserated about one extremely common experience: being kicked or declined from end content because they couldn’t get on Ventrilo. Almost every member of our guild has a history full of experiences like this: guilds refusing to give them a chance; teams sidelining them from the action just because of their deafness; and many lonely hours spent sitting in raid or guild while everyone else chatted in voice.

Drakwlya decided it was time we carved out a place for ourselves instead of fighting to get into groups that didn’t want to accept us. He laboriously recruited and grew a raiding team by making a level 1 toon then running into cities to recruit for Deaf or hard of hearing players in Trade chat on multiple servers. Servers were close-knit back then and often people would at least know someone who was Deaf or hard of hearing. He also used his personal, in real life, connections and scoured social media or forums for recruits.  Finally, he got enough for a 10man team to clear Firelands and Dragon Soul. 

Ever since then, Undaunted has been more than a home: it’s been a refuge for our deaf and hard of hearing gamers. When we get home, we log on and instead of being left out, we get to jump right into the banter and action. Undaunted is a community of people with lots of different interests and niches – there’s a conversation or an activity for anyone. 

Our growth

Undaunted was founded on April 17, 2011 on Dunemaul during the Cataclysm expansion. We’ve gone through several guild name changes since then – originally known as Unrivaled Titans, we shortly changed to That Deaf Guild for a while. When we moved to Ner’zhul on February 9th, 2013, we settled on Durus Veritas. We officially became Undaunted in January 2016. In 2019 our guild migrated to Area 52. 

Over time, the guild became semi-hardcore with two raiding teams in Mists of Pandaria and achieved Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor and Cutting Edge: Lei Shen. During the Legion expansion, we also achieved Cutting Edge: Xavius. Our roster started taking off with article features in places such as WoWHead, PCGamer or Reddit and more people started becoming aware of us.

Our home server, Ner’zhul, was dying. The community was shrinking at an alarming rate and it became cost-prohibitive to be a player in that shard with no improvements on the horizon. When we moved to Area 52 we looked to establish permanent roots and ensure the future of our guild’s survival. Cutting Edge: N’zoth the Corruptor was an achievement that truly put us on the map and on the World of Warcraft’s community radar. We have been very fortunate and blessed to have the support of several incredible guilds such as Method, Liquid, BDGG and many content creators such as Essk (MythicTrap+) and Crzyprck (content writer) as well as communities like Liquid Women in WoW and RaiderIO. 

We have had the opportunity to be featured in some discussions and commercials during Race to World First events, community feature like Method and RaiderIO articles. 

In 2020 we founded the Draenor guild during the launch of Shadowlands expansion. This is the very first sister-guild that is officially affiliated with Undaunted Guild. The Draenor guild is an European region within World of Warcraft and since their founding they have had a raid team since Castle Nathria and much like the Area 52 guild, the Draenor chapter has a strong social community of deaf and hard of hearing Europeans. 

resilIent. inclusive. collective. 

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